Do you add sodium to Montellier sparkling water?2022-08-02T17:54:00-04:00

We do not add sodium to our water, but there is a natural level of sodium that is in Montellier due to the fact that it is sourced from a natural spring. The quantity of sodium per 500mL bottle is 5mg and is all naturally occurring as the water flows through the soil.

Is Montellier sparkling water naturally carbonated?2022-08-02T17:54:00-04:00

A small amount of carbon dioxide is added to the water during bottling to give Montellier it’s light carbonation.

Is Montellier returnable for a refund in my province?2022-08-02T17:53:59-04:00

Quebec provincial law for the selling and distribution of beer and carbonated beverages states that only beer or carbonated beverages are returnable in Quebec. Unfortunately Montellier cans of sparkling water are not returnable for a refund in Quebec. Depending on the laws of your province, this may vary and our cans may be returnable in certain locations.

Are your cartons, cans and bottles recyclable?2022-08-02T17:53:59-04:00

Yes, our products are 100% recyclable.

Do you add fluoride to Montellier sparkling water?2022-08-02T17:53:58-04:00

No, we do not add fluoride to our sparkling water. The level of fluoride in Montellier Sparkling Water is 0 parts per million.